About Us

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The word office doesn’t seem right… Environment af- fects the way we feel. From the moment you enter the Q2 foyer, the interior not only impresses, but more importantly inspires. Q2 belongs to the new wave of corporate towers transforming Melbourne’s burgeoning Northbank precinct.

Imagine 12 floors of open space filled with natural light and connected by not 2, but 3 fast-moving lifts and you’re getting close. There’s not much you can’t see from here… From the smallest office suite to the most spacious of board- rooms, the magnificent panoramic views of Melbourne are exclusive to only a few buildings.

Q2 is one of them. They’re the kind of views that make you feel connected to the whole world. You can see it all, from every angle, every level, every day and every night. Address for success… Q2 is brilliantly located in the dramatically revitalized Northbank of the Yarra, fast be- coming the place to be in Melbourne’s CBD. Flinders Street station, trams, buses and an abundance of carparking are at your door step. It’s one of the quickest and easiest points in and out of the CBD.

Q2 is a pleasant walk away from Southbank and one minute away from Collins Street. You’re surrounded by breathtaking river park beauty and dynamic urban activity with the new Queensbridge Square connecting Southbank and the Casino. With a new address at Q2, you can expect your business to turn the corner in the competitive, global marketplace.